Both my sister and I are married (sorry boys) but it doesn't stop us looking at all things pretty and wedding related. Sometimes you just have to wonder.... "If I did it all again what would I change?". For example, how about making a bold statement in green? I am in currently in love with this green dress. Unfortunately I have no plans to get married again so I might have to get one like this just for doing the housework in. But if you are planning an actual wedding yourself (not just one at home in between washing up and making the beds) don't forget that when our shop is launched we'll have lots of great ideas for jewellery in colours to complement every theme.

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  1. I frequently think about what I would different, even though it was 8 years ago! I would probably go with green, I love the colour (I had pink which I like too). I love your mismatched bridesmaids dresses posts too and I would definitely do that.


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