I've not done a work space post for a while so I thought I'd share two home offices that have caught my eye recently.
Source: http://decorology.blogspot.co.uk/
I love this one because it is so bright and airy and looks like such a calm place to work. I think I could be quite chilled out here amongst these lovely spring colours. And wouldn't it be so beautiful with the sun streaming in through the window.

Source: http://craftystorage.blogspot.co.uk/
However, I also adore this one. What a great plum colour on the wall and I am loving all the storage. I would love to have space for loads of boxes and files like this. I also think it's great that there's enough space for a computer as well as a large empty area that can used for creative purposes or for someone else to park themselves if they wanted to work alongside you.

So tell me - which office space do you prefer?

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