So it turns out I'm having a bit of a fashion crush as I'm head over heels in love with Christian Louboutin shoes at the moment. And when I say shoes I mean the fantastically high skyscraper heeled kind.

Source: All these images were found on Pinterest
The reason I love these shoes so much is two-fold. Firstly, they have ridiculously high heels and I love ridiculously high heels - I can even walk in them you know! And secondly, I am rather smitten by the red soles. They make the shoes really stand out. Maybe one day I'll own a pair. But maybe not. If I did I probably wouldn't even wear them through fear of scuffing them.

I love this image. I'm sure it's just a joke but I would actually do my nails like this.

And finally a few words of wisdom from the designer himself. I totally agree with him. I really do feel better when I'm in high heels.


  1. We SOOOOOOO have to meet. I'm currently prowling the CL websites looking for a pair. Hubby said he'd buy me a pair for my birthday. I've always loved them...I own so many heels but most of the time lately I'm in flats! :(

    1. Yeah I spend too much time in flats too. I miss wearing heels. At least I have my converse addiction to keep me busy. (See post above!!)


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