Well as promised here is part two of my guide to mismatched bridesmaids. Well I say guide but it's more a selection of images that would inspire me if I were choosing bridesmaids dresses. Last time I showed you a some natural and muted colours but here is a collection of dresses with a bigger burst of  colour.

Source: http://www.bellethemagazine.com
Source: http://www.brides.com
Source: http://www.simple-dresses.com
And of course who could forget possibly the most famous mismatched bridesmaids - Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha from the Sex and the City movie. Perhaps not so much to my taste but I had to include them here.
Source: http://www.instyle.com
Now if you enjoyed this stay tuned for even more fantastic ideas in Part 3. I know I can't wait!

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