As you may remember I said I was done with buying Converse for a while except maybe getting a nice light pair for the summer. Well, I saw this photo and it instantly made my mind up - I am definitely getting a white pair! I'm just not sure how I feel about getting them dirty, which is funny as I don't mind the other colours looking rather well worn. I don't know how I can avoid it though! I reckon this is a brand new pair. I wonder how long it took for them to get scuffed for the first time!

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  1. I got my white pair last year and they are still relatively white. I love them but I get worried in case they get too grubby. A little worn is okay but overly grubby is no go for me. Let's have a pic of your feet in your new Converse when you get them!

  2. Only wear them when there's no danger of having to walking through grass etc and they'll be fine :)

  3. I wonder if spraying them with a scotch guard or something that protects fabric would help? Although I think they look good a little worked in.


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