So come on tell me, do you have an item of clothing you own but never wear? Not because you hate it but because you had to have it even if you knew you'd never wear it. I have been thinking and the only thing in my wardrobe like that is my yellow polka dot satchel. I love it to pieces and I am so pleased my husband surprised me with it but I just haven't got around to actually using it yet. It's just a bit bulky and it needs to be worn in a bit. I need to use it soon though as it's definitely more of a sunny summer sunshine bag than a winter one.

Here are a few more items I love but if I bought I would never wear. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I can have a virtual wardrobe of pretty things there so I don't waste any more on things that will just hang up unworn.

Let's start with this coat as it's so pretty. I have seen lots of white and cream coats which are gorgeous but I know that a white coat and me just would not get on. It would be grubby within minutes of leaving the house. I am like that with most pale coloured clothes.

I love this sparkly skirt but I really don't think I could carry it off or indeed have many places to wear it. I think I am the wrong height and shape for maxi skirts and dresses anyway.

I don't think I need to do a lot of explaining about this bikini. It's so lovely. I love the delicate design but sadly I think I would be better off sticking to my typical mummy swimming uniform of a black one piece swimming costume next time I take my kids to the pool!

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  1. Oh I think you should get the bekini it is so pretty and stylish. I also live bandeau tops.


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