We're now right in the middle of the week between Christmas and New Year - a weird week with no special name where we are all a bit confused and not sure how to feel.

Here's five things you'll probably do this week:

1 - Wondered what day of the week it is. Seriously, what day is it?

2 - Panicked because our recycle bin is severely overflowing but we have NO IDEA when the collectors are coming to empty it.

3 - Eaten Dairy Milk selection box / Quality Street / Chocolate Orange for breakfast.

4 - Spent at least one entire day in our pyjamas.

5 - Got up really early to be the first one at the sales to buy stuff for half price purely because it's half price not because we actually want or need it.


 I think I've done all of these. Hope you're all enjoying your weird week!

Last orders for Christmas have been sent today so I am now officially allowed to RELAX!

What a hugely busy and wonderful year it has been for Tilly & Tabitha - I have met some amazing people this year and made some big, brave decisions about what's going to be coming up in 2015.
There is so much to look forward to I can hardly wait to share with you all the lovely new designs!

So I wish all of our WONDERFUL customers the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years! xx

Many years ago when I first began making jewellery I remember trying to decide which type of crystals to use. Sure Swarovski were a well known brand but surely no-one would know the difference if I were to use unbranded crystals, right? Well, I bought a few unbranded and a few Swarovski so I could compare them 'in the flesh' and I honestly couldn't believe the difference in quality, it was astonishing!
Swarovski really are the Rolls Royce of crystals, they are STUNNING and so I decided there and then all crystals and pearls incorporated in any of my designs would only be Swarovski from then on.

So I began researching the brand to see what they had to offer and I was amazed at the vast number of different colours, shapes and sizes that were available. Not only was the range of colours superb but I also discovered they have a number of different finishes to them. My personal favourite, again used in all my designs, is the Aurora Borealis finish (or AB for short)

The Aurora Borealis finish is a permanent, chemically bonded coating given to the crystals that creates a beautiful rainbow effect which literally makes them sparkle in the light.

Swarovski were established in 1895 and now have a world famous reputation for producing the highest quality crystals and I think it's quite obvious to see why. I absolutely love them!

Well, after a surprisingly glorious hot and sunny Halloween last week the temperature has now dropped and I am officially cold!

Time to start thinking about wrapping up nice and warm for the Autumn. I'm loving fur lately, it's so warm and glamorous and with thousands of different styles and colours out there this season I am spoilt for choice!

Here are my top five faux fur picks... 


This gorgeous hooded coat from New Look comes in mink or black, looks so lovely and warm and I've just spotted it's in the sale too! Bonus.


For something a bit more elegant this lovely coat from M&Co is perfect for the colder months.


Add a touch of glamour to a leather jacket with this fabulous fur collar number from Pilot.


How beautiful and warm does this scarf from M&S look? I love it.


And to finish, this cute pink faux fur mini grab bag by Floozie makes the perfect fur accessory.

Stay warm out  there!!

I have recently discovered THE most beautiful home furnishings website.
Stil Haven stocks amazing cushions that are nothing short of pieces of art that could easily transform a room.

Here are some of my favourite designs:



And my overall favourite:


These stunning, original hand painted designs are transformed into beautiful cushions, right here in the UK, using the finest quality materials. 

Amazing work. 

Head over to Stil Haven's website to see the full collection or if you're local why not pop along to their launch party on 7th November at Pretty Things Tea Room in Horsham 11am -2pm


I have also spotted Stil Haven are currently offering 10% off all orders on their website using the code: STILHAVEN01 at the checkout - perfect timing for starting the Christmas shopping!

Fancy winning one of these beauties...?

Photo Credit: Rosemarie Mansfield

We've picked four of our favourite designs for this Autumn's Facebook page competition and to win one for yourself really could not be easier. 

All you need to do is head on over to the Tilly & Tabitha Facebook page and comment on this photo which your favoutite design is. It really is that simple.
You need to be a page liker so we can contact you if you are the winner.
The winning entry will be selected at random at 9pm on Sunday 2nd November.

Easy-peasy, what are you waiting for!?

Photo Credit: Rosemarie Mansfield

First things first, you need to set aside a space in your home that is for working and for
working only. I suggest away from the TV is an excellent place to start! Keep any distractions such as housework, the TV etc completely out of sight so you’re not temped to float from one thing to another. By having a separate space you’ll find it easier to separate “work" from "home” which will help you get in the right frame of mind.

As you are your own boss it’s up to you to set your own schedule. You have the luxury of
flexibility here that 9-5ers simply don’t have, so take advantage of this. I work around my
children’s timetable: they have to be taken and collected from school at specific times then
there’s clubs etc to consider, their meal times, their bedtime... For me, the best time to
really crack on with work is while they’re at school or when they are asleep.

By dividing my day up this way, I’m setting myself clear boundaries as to when I’m working,
when I’m ‘mum’ and when I’m ‘me’. The hours I get with my kids from the time they get
home until the time they go to bed are all about them, and I relish it. Their childhood will
whizz by and you don’t want to look back in years to come and wish you’d had more spent
less time checking your emails and more time with them.

Delegation is a very important skill to master and absolutely essential. As a mother, and a
woman, you are blessed with the automatic talent of multi-tasking, however this doesn’t
mean you have to do everything yourself. Your partner is (probably) not a mind-reader so
unless you say that you need his help with the day to day running of your lives, you might
not get it.
Yes, he may have been at work all day but so have you, so dividing up the daily chores is only fair. Play to each other’s strengths when deciding who does what and then stick to it. The jobs will all be done in half the time and you’ll both be able to relax afterwards.

I cannot stress enough how important being organised is. There are times when it can seem
your ‘To Do’ list is endless and it feels like there are simply not enough hours in the day to
get everything done... But by being really clear as to what gets done, when and by who,
you’ll tend to find it’s much less overwhelming than you first thought.
The trick is to use your time wisely and try to always stay one step ahead. For example,
doing absolutely everything I physically can to be ready for the next morning before I go to
bed each night makes getting the kids ready for school much less stressful.

Although working at home doesn’t exactly call for you to power dress in a sharp suit and
heels, I’d still strongly suggest that getting washed and dressed before starting work is a
must. It might sound ideal working all day in your pyjamas and fluffy slippers but the truth of
the matter is, if you’re dressed for sleep you won’t be in the right frame of mind for working
at your full potential. You’re far more likely to just want to curl up for a nap!

Every evening I compile a manageable ‘To Do’ list for the following day. By manageable I
mean realistic yet optimistic. I tend to have a ‘long term’ list that includes everything - big
and small - that needs to be done and then a ‘daily’ list where I write down what I think I can
achieve that day, or if I have a specific deadline to meet (it’s no secret – I love lists). Another
great list-related tip is to mark everything on it with either an ‘A’ (essential), ‘B’ (important
but not urgent) or ‘C’ (has to be done at some point, but no immediate rush). This really
helps you prioritise and reduce procrastinating.

Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free. At the end of each day leave your desk as you
would like to find it the following morning. This means filing away everything and finding
homes for all the miscellaneous stuff that can quickly build up. By getting into this good
habit as quickly as possible, even when you really aren’t in the mood to, you’ll thank yourself
in the long run.

Make it clear to everyone in your household, including yourself, that when you’re working
you’re working. Anything non-urgent should be saved until you’ve finished for the day. The
same applies the other way round of course, so when you’ve finished for the day don’t be
tempted to just do ‘a little bit more’. If you do have a sudden flash of inspiration just write it
on a post-it note so it’s not forgotten but don’t be tempted to start working again if you’ve
finished for the day.

Being a working from home mum you need to learn how to say ‘no’. Outsiders might
question what you do all day and think you’re the ideal person to ask when they need a
babysitter or someone to run an errand for them, but the reality is you need to be strict with
yourself about how you use your time. Just because you don’t physically have a manager breathing down your neck all day doesn’t mean you don’t need to work. If you want your business to be a success and be able to continue to enjoy the comfort and convenience of working from home then you need to respect your working hours and learn to politely make it clear you are not available at these times.

When someone asks you what you do for a living never say whatever it is you do and then
add “...but I work from home”. There is no “but” about it. Working from home is just as
challenging, if not more so, than working in any other environment. Chances are you have
chosen to work from home as you feel it’s the best thing all round for the most important
thing in your life – your family. Overall, you’ll need to work harder and more effectively than
you’ve ever had to before but the rewards will more than compensate.

With the FIFA 2014 World Cup now well and truly underway I am already beginning to feel like a football widow.

I'm not the world's biggest football fan but I am definitely 100% supporting my country. A recent survey has revealed that only 4% of English fans named their own country when asked which team would win the Cup - that's a very depressing statistic!

I consider myself in the tiny 4% of fans who actually believe we can win this thing yet at the same time I am not prepared to sit through every match (pre match chat, half time chat and post match chat) and I'm still having trouble with the offside rule so I think I'll stick to showing my support through fashion!


I'm fairly certain I could recreate this look without too much trouble (even the nails on my right hand) Thank goodness the St George's Cross is such a simple design!


I actually love the World Cup Brazil emblem with its fabulous bright carnival colours so I'd be happy to have this case protecting my phone for the next few weeks.

Don't care if the World Cup's on or not - this t-shirt is fantastic, I'd wear it any time of the year!


And of course we can't forget this England inspired charm bracelet from Tilly & Tabitha which can be found here in our eBay shop.

It is such an honor to be asked to be a godparent. A christening is a very important day in a child's life and as a godparent you'll naturally want to give them an extra special gift.

At Tilly & Tabitha we have a gorgeous collection of jewellery that is designed especially for godchildren of any age from babies to teens. We have designs that can even be personalised with the child’s name and made to fit exactly meaning you can give a truly unique gift that can also be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Photo Credit: Rosemarie Mansfield

This gorgeous bracelet is one of Tilly & Tabitha’s most popular designs. Includes free personalisation of any name (up to eight letters), will be custom make to fit any wrist size, is made with quality sterling silver components, stunning genuine Swarovski crystals and pearls and is all presented in a beautiful, high quality leatherette gift box too!

Don't forget all our items include FREE delivery to address in the UK so there's never any unexpected surprises at the checkout. Browse our full range of Godchild jewellery here.


Now we are finally into the summer months it's time to start thinking about summer jewellery...

One thing we tend to forget about over the winter months is our feet and only when the sun comes out do we remember they are there!

First it's time to find a good nail polish for the toes... I LOVE the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine collection - beautiful glossy colours and virtually chip proof. Here are some of my favourites:
Prickly Pear, Satsuma, Mango and Dragon

Photo Credit: Rosemarie Mansfield

Next it's time to hunt down the perfect pair of flip flops. I like a wedge flip flop personally as I'm a bit "vertically challenged" so I'm particularly liking these beauties:


 Once you have the sandals and toe nails covered don't forget to finish the look with a pretty anklet...

Photo Credit: Rosemarie Mansfield

These lovely anklets can all be found at the Tilly & Tabitha eBay shop plus many other styles are available too. And finally if your feet are suffering and need some TLC to get them ready for the summer then pop along to BodiKind in Crawley Down to get them sorted once and for all!

Men of the world rejoice - buying jewellery just got a lot easier!

Does buying something sparkly leave you in a cold sweat? Have you endured the pressures of choosing the perfect gift? Do you find it tricky to tell the difference between a bracelet and a bangle?

On the face of it, any item of jewellery that nestles within an impressive gift box should be enough to charm anyone but it’s never that simple. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or an apology, confused by the many colours and styles, there’s a fear that whatever you choose will be met with a smile and the knowledge that the trinket will find its home at the back of a drawer.

For this very reason, it’s fantastic news that Tilly & Tabitha is now selling gift vouchers. Mankind can let out a collective sigh of relieve in the knowledge there no longer needs to be any painful deliberation or unintentional disappointment for loved ones.

A thoughtful voucher allows them to choose the perfect gift themselves.

Various denominations are now available to suit all budgets, ranging from £5-25. Simply click the link below and pay securely via PayPal. What’s more, vouchers can be mailed or sent electronically.

Come on guys, what you waiting for?!? Take a look at the Tilly & Tabitha store.

- posted by Andy Brice

Ever been shopping for a really special gift and as much as you love what is on offer you just can't quite decide what to go for? We've all experienced this from time to time so now Tilly & Tabitha have all bases covered with our fantastic new gift vouchers!


At Tilly & Tabitha we do our up most to make every single step of shopping with us as easy and as enjoyable as possible. With free UK delivery and free personalisation on selected designs there are never any unexpected surprises at the checkout.

On top of that we are happy to offer a no quibble return or exchange within 28 days so you can buy with confidence. All our items come to you gift packaged too so that’s taken care of as well!

But if you just can’t make up your mind about what to buy then fear not, we have that covered too! Gift vouchers are available in denominations of £5, £10, £15, £20 and £25 and have an entire year to be redeemed.

Like all Tilly & Tabitha products our gift vouchers are also sent FREE to any UK address or can be sent via email electronically and make ideal presents for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, end of term gifts for teachers or any occasion!

(Please note, gift vouchers are available to spend at the website only and will not work in the Tilly & Tabitha eBay shop)

As the owner of Tilly & Tabitha I always have an eye out for other local small businesses that offer really unique and well made products as I understand how much work and dedication goes into what they do. When you buy from a small company you know you are getting so much more than a factory made, mass produced generic item but instead you are getting something that is much more personal and finished to a much higher standard.

For example if you are in the market for a really special one-off cake then I have to recommend Little Cakey who are based in West Sussex. I have been lucky enough to try some of these gorgeous creations and not only are they beautifully made with the most amazing attention to detail but they are also DELICIOUS!

Here's some of my favourites:




These amazing tasty works of art are all made by a very talented lady called Joanne who is not only very skilled but also very friendly and helpful - so if you're after something really special for a birthday, wedding or any other occasion you now know where to go!

Have a lovely weekend x

I am completely loving and embracing the Spring/Summer 2014 denim trend.
So easy to dress up or down for almost any occasion, this laid-back fashion suits me down to the ground!
Here's some of my top denim picks...


This gorgeous cropped jacket from Oasis in a smart dark denim is perfect for the in-between weather... looks great with a casual summer dress when it's just a bit too chilly to wear on its own!


A great way to combine smart and casual is with this lovely dress from Phase Eight - would look amazing dressed up with chunky statement jewellery.


Or what about these ankle grazer jeans from Matalan? I'm not usually one for patterned denim but I actually really love this Aztec print.

I am very excited this week as Tilly & Tabitha now has a display in BodiKind

Photo Credit: Heather Waddington

BodiKind is a podiatry practice based in Brickyard Lane in Crawley Down that I cannot recommend enough. With knowledgeable staff and a warm and friendly atmosphere it really is the place to go if you or your family have any foot problems. They are currently offering free consultations and 20% off treatments in May.

So, if your feet are not quite ready for flip-flop season or if you want to see the Tilly & Tabitha products on sale here you know where to go!!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching it's time to get planning the most romantic day of the year.
Flowers and chocolates are all well and good but if you want to really make her heart flutter then a piece of jewellery is always the best option. To go one better, personalised jewellery will show that you've made an extra special effort and she'll have a completely unique piece to show off (plus you'll have now earned yourself an extra ten thousand brownie points)

Photo Credit: Heather Brice
This bracelet from our 'Love' range can be personalised with your and her initials and be made to fit her perfectly. On top of that it'll be beautifully boxed and gift wrapped all ready to give - that's not something you'll easily find in any high street shops!

I spotted these today and couldn't help thinking what a classy way to wear white stilettos. It also reminded me of these nails. I think this is another great way to wear white polish whilst avoiding the Tippex look.
Happy weekend everyone! And if it's as rainy where you are as it is here then stay dry!!

Click here to visit the Tilly & Tabitha shop

Oh I think I might explode with all the cuteness here. The little feet, the Converse, the cute skirt - I love it all. Although it does make me a little bit sad that my daughter's feet aren't that small any more. She still has lovely shoes but at a size 10 they're probably too big to be classed as cute.

Hope you have a brilliant weekend!

Click here to visit the Tilly & Tabitha shop

As promised here is some beautiful teal wedding inspiration. If you love teal you'll love these...

So what do you think? Enough inspiation for you? Personally I think that a light turquoise shade would look so bright and fresh for a spring or summer wedding. And a darker teal would look really elegant an autumn or winter wedding.  What do you think?

Click here to visit the Tilly & Tabitha shop

I am posting this picture just because I am totally in love with the outfit. I mean what's not to love? Those shoes are just amazing - the colour, the heels... sigh. And I love the idea of super sparkly leggings teamed with a loose and casual t-shirt. This is the outfit I need for my next big night out!

Click here to visit the Tilly & Tabitha shop

Source: All images were found on Pinterest
Dulux have announced their Colour of the Year for 2014 and imagine how excited I was to hear it was teal. It has given me a perfect excuse to fill this blog with turquoisy (yes, that is totally a word!) goodness. I shall also be sending some teal wedding inspiration your way soon.

Click here to visit the Tilly & Tabitha shop

Photo credit: Heather Brice
So, with less than a month to go before Valentine's Day I think it's time to start feeling soppy, loved up and start dropping hits to your significant other about possible present ideas! I personally think that you can't beat jewellery for this occasion, OK, I might be a bit biased, but seriously who doesn't like receiving jewellery!? Here's the first of our special Valentine 2014 collection: A sterling silver and Swarovski red 'siam' crystal bracelet which can be made to fit any wrist size and comes presented in a gorgeous white leatherette gift box - £44.95 (inc postage)

Click here to visit the Tilly & Tabitha shop

Just a quick public service announcement to say that today is twelfth night and tradition states that the Christmas decorations need to come down. I hope you can still find a way to keep a little bit of Christmas sparkle alive in your house. Perhaps some fairy lights or a pretty festive plant. For me it will be these owls. They were sold as Christmas decorations but they are far too nice to be shut away in a box for the next eleven months. I think they are more wintery than Christmassy anyway.

Photo credit: Heather Brice

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My son and daughter are going back to school next week after their Christmas break and god I am going to miss them! Christmas is my favourite holiday and it's been great spending the extra time with them. Having said that though, I am looking forward to giving the house, especially their bedrooms, a proper clean and tidy at last - we look like we're living in a (burgled) toy shop at the moment! Who can relate!?

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