Men of the world rejoice - buying jewellery just got a lot easier!

Does buying something sparkly leave you in a cold sweat? Have you endured the pressures of choosing the perfect gift? Do you find it tricky to tell the difference between a bracelet and a bangle?

On the face of it, any item of jewellery that nestles within an impressive gift box should be enough to charm anyone but it’s never that simple. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or an apology, confused by the many colours and styles, there’s a fear that whatever you choose will be met with a smile and the knowledge that the trinket will find its home at the back of a drawer.

For this very reason, it’s fantastic news that Tilly & Tabitha is now selling gift vouchers. Mankind can let out a collective sigh of relieve in the knowledge there no longer needs to be any painful deliberation or unintentional disappointment for loved ones.

A thoughtful voucher allows them to choose the perfect gift themselves.

Various denominations are now available to suit all budgets, ranging from £5-25. Simply click the link below and pay securely via PayPal. What’s more, vouchers can be mailed or sent electronically.

Come on guys, what you waiting for?!? Take a look at the Tilly & Tabitha store.

- posted by Andy Brice


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  2. So Beautiful, recently prepared a girlfriend birthday, she liked jewelry, so I intend to send her bijoux swarovski, to give her a surprise.


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