As the owner of Tilly & Tabitha I always have an eye out for other local small businesses that offer really unique and well made products as I understand how much work and dedication goes into what they do. When you buy from a small company you know you are getting so much more than a factory made, mass produced generic item but instead you are getting something that is much more personal and finished to a much higher standard.

For example if you are in the market for a really special one-off cake then I have to recommend Little Cakey who are based in West Sussex. I have been lucky enough to try some of these gorgeous creations and not only are they beautifully made with the most amazing attention to detail but they are also DELICIOUS!

Here's some of my favourites:

These amazing tasty works of art are all made by a very talented lady called Joanne who is not only very skilled but also very friendly and helpful - so if you're after something really special for a birthday, wedding or any other occasion you now know where to go!

Have a lovely weekend x

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