With the FIFA 2014 World Cup now well and truly underway I am already beginning to feel like a football widow.

I'm not the world's biggest football fan but I am definitely 100% supporting my country. A recent survey has revealed that only 4% of English fans named their own country when asked which team would win the Cup - that's a very depressing statistic!

I consider myself in the tiny 4% of fans who actually believe we can win this thing yet at the same time I am not prepared to sit through every match (pre match chat, half time chat and post match chat) and I'm still having trouble with the offside rule so I think I'll stick to showing my support through fashion!


I'm fairly certain I could recreate this look without too much trouble (even the nails on my right hand) Thank goodness the St George's Cross is such a simple design!


I actually love the World Cup Brazil emblem with its fabulous bright carnival colours so I'd be happy to have this case protecting my phone for the next few weeks.

Don't care if the World Cup's on or not - this t-shirt is fantastic, I'd wear it any time of the year!


And of course we can't forget this England inspired charm bracelet from Tilly & Tabitha which can be found here in our eBay shop.

It is such an honor to be asked to be a godparent. A christening is a very important day in a child's life and as a godparent you'll naturally want to give them an extra special gift.

At Tilly & Tabitha we have a gorgeous collection of jewellery that is designed especially for godchildren of any age from babies to teens. We have designs that can even be personalised with the child’s name and made to fit exactly meaning you can give a truly unique gift that can also be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Photo Credit: Rosemarie Mansfield

This gorgeous bracelet is one of Tilly & Tabitha’s most popular designs. Includes free personalisation of any name (up to eight letters), will be custom make to fit any wrist size, is made with quality sterling silver components, stunning genuine Swarovski crystals and pearls and is all presented in a beautiful, high quality leatherette gift box too!

Don't forget all our items include FREE delivery to address in the UK so there's never any unexpected surprises at the checkout. Browse our full range of Godchild jewellery here.


Now we are finally into the summer months it's time to start thinking about summer jewellery...

One thing we tend to forget about over the winter months is our feet and only when the sun comes out do we remember they are there!

First it's time to find a good nail polish for the toes... I LOVE the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine collection - beautiful glossy colours and virtually chip proof. Here are some of my favourites:
Prickly Pear, Satsuma, Mango and Dragon

Photo Credit: Rosemarie Mansfield

Next it's time to hunt down the perfect pair of flip flops. I like a wedge flip flop personally as I'm a bit "vertically challenged" so I'm particularly liking these beauties:


 Once you have the sandals and toe nails covered don't forget to finish the look with a pretty anklet...

Photo Credit: Rosemarie Mansfield

These lovely anklets can all be found at the Tilly & Tabitha eBay shop plus many other styles are available too. And finally if your feet are suffering and need some TLC to get them ready for the summer then pop along to BodiKind in Crawley Down to get them sorted once and for all!

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