Many years ago when I first began making jewellery I remember trying to decide which type of crystals to use. Sure Swarovski were a well known brand but surely no-one would know the difference if I were to use unbranded crystals, right? Well, I bought a few unbranded and a few Swarovski so I could compare them 'in the flesh' and I honestly couldn't believe the difference in quality, it was astonishing!
Swarovski really are the Rolls Royce of crystals, they are STUNNING and so I decided there and then all crystals and pearls incorporated in any of my designs would only be Swarovski from then on.

So I began researching the brand to see what they had to offer and I was amazed at the vast number of different colours, shapes and sizes that were available. Not only was the range of colours superb but I also discovered they have a number of different finishes to them. My personal favourite, again used in all my designs, is the Aurora Borealis finish (or AB for short)

The Aurora Borealis finish is a permanent, chemically bonded coating given to the crystals that creates a beautiful rainbow effect which literally makes them sparkle in the light.

Swarovski were established in 1895 and now have a world famous reputation for producing the highest quality crystals and I think it's quite obvious to see why. I absolutely love them!

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  1. Es ist sch?n, es ist wirklich nicht das gleiche Frau jetzt aus der Arbeit angezogen, und ich beabsichtige Swarovski schmuck, sich kleiden zu kaufen, verbessern ihre Charme.


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