We're well into the new year now - the Christmas decorations are down, the kids are back at school and I've finally managed to get back to the gym after over a month away!
Christmas was so, so busy and the whole of December seemed to race by in a blur so in that weird bit between Christmas and New Year I sat myself down and had a good think about how to manage my time better, be more organized and productive and really push my business forward.
As a result I decided to close the eBay shop and concentrate all my efforts on the Tilly & Tabitha website.

I've had at the back of my mind for some time now that I wanted to move away from eBay but I clung to it like a security blanket! eBay is a wonderful site that is incredibly easy to use and manage - you can sell anything from a post card to a Porsche, it takes no time at all to start selling and with a little extra effort an eBay shop is very easy to set up too. Within weeks of launching my eBay shop, that I originally intended to go hand in hand with the website, I had sales rolling in fast. 

Now, as easy as it is to set up selling on eBay the tricky bit is actually running it consistently to the highest possible standards. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I made it my mission never to let the feedback rating slip to anything below five stars on all the criteria:
- Item as described
- Communication
- Dispatch time
- Postage and packaging charges
And I'm proud to say that I never did receive anything less than five stars from every single customer :)

However, doing so well on eBay was simply making it harder and harder to leave, though deep down in my heart I knew it was time to.
So why leave eBay?
Well, at the end of the day if I'm trading on eBay I'm effectively working for somebody else, not myself. eBay has very high fees for sellers and reserves the right to change anything at any time which can be frustrating. Also I worried that when people bought jewellery from me and a friend asked where it was from the buyer would say 'I bought it on eBay' as opposed to 'I bought it from Tilly & Tabitha' which doesn't exactly help to promote my brand!  

So, with this big decision made I need now to push forward with everything I have to make Tilly & Tabitha a successful company (though by no means do I do this without fantastic support form some incredibly important people in my life)

I have recently created some gorgeous new pieces that are totally unique, personalised and packaged beautifully that I am so looking forward to sharing with you!

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