I do realize there are many worse things in this world to be addicted to than stationery, and for that I am grateful! But today, as I order ANOTHER new folder (probably taking my total up to around 4,732) it finally dawns on me how much I am obsessed with notebooks, pens, diaries and highlighters.

Here are some of the items in my office that, quite frankly, I can't live without...

Photo Credit: Rosemarie Mansfield

First and foremost is THE NOTEBOOK! I have dozens of notebooks in my house and office. My favourites are probably the A4 Pukka Pad project books but I don't discriminate, any spiral bound notebook will get my attention. Especially ones with subject dividers. Or pretty covers.
Every new idea I have for my business is promptly got underway with a new notebook. I recommend having a place to jot down ideas right by the bed too for inspirations that come in the night, it really helps with a good night's sleep!


Next up: THE PEN!
My latest must-haves are these Frixion rollerballs. They come is so many pretty colours (very, very important), they look cool and best of all they're erasable! These are the best option for me when filling out my calendar and wall planner because I can colour code stuff which helps keep me be more organized plus if I change my mind about something I can just rub it out and it doesn't mess up the whole page. 


The other thing I am a tiny bit obsessed with is ring binders and box files. I love to have all my bits of paper tucked away in pretty folders and I'm such a sucker for good design.

I can't be the only one with this kind of addiction though I'm sure! Do let me know if you suffer with the same obsession!


  1. You most definitely are not alone! I could have written this blog myself and I may show the husband so that he can see that I'm not a weirdo and there are others like me. Praise the Lord!
    If I so much as glance at the stationery aisle in Sainsbury's, I'm ushered along by hubs with a terse "we do not need anymore pens or notebooks". But we both know you can never EVER have enough stationery *shudders* Enjoy your collection my love, am well jel! Xx

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the confirmation that I'm not alone in my obsession!! xx

  3. I confess I have this problem too. Must be in the genes, so no need to be ashamed. In fact I am staring at a pretty ringbinder which is completely empty. I can't remember what I bought it for, but I assume it must be important, and it will certainly get used. One of my other guilty pleasures is colourful storage drawers (the type you seen on entry to Hobbycraft) and stackable Really Useful Boxes and Tupperware of all shapes and sizes. Everything needs sorting into categories and labelling! Thankfully I can do all this at work too, where it's generally appreciated.

    1. I am equally as passionate about storage as well as stationery!! xx


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